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Lender Learning Center

The Lender Learning Center

Step 1

How Much Should You Spend?

Have you decided to buy a  house but aren’t sure how much money you should  spend on it? I’m going to show you how to determine a  monthly house payment that you’re comfortable with.

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Step 2

Breakdown Of Your Mortgage Payments

Did you know your monthly housing  payment is the most important number when buying a house? I’m going to break down the costs of everything involved in homeownership.

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Step 3

What Are Typical Lender Closing Costs?

Have you decided to buy a  house but aren’t sure what it’s going to cost you? We’ll look at everything from appraisal fees to insurance so you know exactly what to expect.


Step 4

Which Is The RIGHT Loan For Me?

Did you know that part of maximizing your investments with your next home purchase is making sure you have the right financing to go with it? I walk you through the differences between four main loan types available for homebuyers.


Step 5

Conventional vs VA Loan

Did you know that veterans thinking about buying a home have access to the lowest-cost loan in the country? I break down the differences between getting a VA loan versus a traditional conventional loan for your next home purchase.

Step 6

Things NOT to Do During Your Home Search

Are you thinking of buying a new home and want some tips for a successful process? I’m going to show you some things not to do during the home buying process.

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Step 7

What Happens After I Get My Offer Accepted?

Did you know that finding a  \home and getting your offer accepted is only about 50% of the home buying process? I’m going to walk you through what happens after your home offer gets accepted and how to get your loan to close.

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Kenneth Travis

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